Dusty Pink Boho Bridesmaid Dress aka Mama Dress, super comfy dress


New collection is on its way, we thought we'd give you a little taster of what's been occurring by presenting an absolutely amazing boho wedding new dress.

My goal was to create an everyday goddess dress which you can wear loose or tight, good for all moments but truly super gorgeous simple bohemian wedding dress.

I am beyond happy with the design to be beautiful, comfortable and 100% Organic. Honouring ancient technics of Mayas civilisation integrating to piece of Art sustainable for modern life.

This boho bridesmaid dress is available in
White Colour


Located in our More, frequently asked questions and Contact us for further assistance in sizing.

Our product has unique features, with a mass appeal for a variety of woman furthermore; We feature garments with magical transformations and universal sizing.


Entirely hand-made made of organic cotton

This model of material we have the thinnest homespun cotton, it has a light double structure that makes the dress durable and not transparent.

Dusty Pink - Rose Gold


This Bohemian Bridesmaid dress is Available another colour:

Feel free to contact me, I am beyond happy to help you!

A lot of love
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