Dusty Pink Cotton Boho Convertible Evening Dress, Infinity dress


This pink beige romantic dress also known as convertible or adjustable dress can be transformed into two different style bohemian dresses. In this boho dress you can feel that you literally have wings like an angel.

This organic cotton dress can be worn in two ways: It can be turned around the waist or folded into a wide belt and make your look more classic, sophisticated, emphasizing the shapes of the body - A truly unique goddess dress.

This pink beige sleeveless dress is made out of the finest handwoven cotton dyed by hands with organic dyes also known as eco veg dye.
For all our organic dresses we choose the best handmade fabric from Bali island.

For this model we use the thinnest homespun cotton, it has a light double structure that makes the dress durable and not translucent.

We especially focus on fabrics that are handspun and handwoven, supporting ancient skills and traditional crafts.
We strive to go deeper to the source of all materials - from the seed planted to the human weaving it. Our vision is to be able to connect with each being involved in the making from the very source ~
Being able to Source the most ethical, fair trade, Eco and conscious materials!

Our organic garments are handmade in small quantities of washed linen and cotton fabrics , specially woven for us by our local organic fabric manufactures. The procedure of making these items takes time and effort, cause the items are double washed once they are made. Only after such a process, we reach extra softness and natural wrinkles.

Please see the detailed measurements chart in the FAQ below on this page!

Please keep in mind that all body types are different and people with the same measurements can look drastically different in the same garment.

For any questions please contact me – I am glad to help you!

Blessings, Amma 💜

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