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5 tips to care for cotton you need to know

5 tips to care for cotton you need to know

1. Colour loss 

The best way to prevent your garments from losing their colour is to hand wash them in cold water. If you are using the washing machine, colour catching sheets can help determine which colours will remain bright and which will fade, allowing to your garments last longer. 

2. Stain treatment

You can even use hot water and a sponge to get the stain out, but the only way to get rid of a stain permanently is by washing and treating it with stain remover. This will help save your clothes from washing away or fading in places you don't want them to go.

If the stain is fresh, run your item under the cold tap through the back of the stain for 3-5 minutes, and then rub the stain gently every minute or so. For existing stain/mark on your garment, avoid ironing it over the areas. Instead, you may use a damp cloth to gently rub it away, or you can simply remove it and clean it.

3. Drying, shrinkage and stretching

Cotton has a high potential for shrinkage. Avoid the first-wash shrinkage by cold-water washing, and drying them on a clothesline or rack rather than in the dryer. For hand-loomed tops and dresses from our collection, Only handwash and we recommend laying them on the rack to prevent scratching.  This prevents the top edge of the fabric from twisting when you put them on. Don't leave your cotton items in the dryer until they are completely dry; instead, take them out while still a little damp and allow them to finish drying.

4. Ironing and creasing

No matter how much temperature you have when you iron cotton, you should resist the temptation to crank it up. High heat can cause scorching and damage to cotton fabrics, especially those with eyelets, hooks, buttons or other delicate embellishments. If ironing cotton is necessary, use low heat with a steam iron to avoid damaging materials.

5. Bacteria, Mould and Smell 

The best way to prevent damage whilst your items are in storage is to keep them constantly clean and dry. Even the tiniest dust particles can cause future problems. Vacuuming your wardrobe regularly is a good idea and other spaces where clothes are kept.