Simple Boho Bohemian Wedding Dress


"Aloka" Goddess Dress-  goddess boho white dress have weight of feather ...You will not feel it at all on your body...

So much light and comfortable .
Giving extra elegance, playfulness and romantic energy to your look.
Made of organic veg dye thin khadi cotton.


We love using organic linen and cotton because of the twofold benefits of a reduced environmental impact and for our customers’ health and comfort.

All products are presented in 3 sizes: XS / S / M / ( Size L only for order)
Please see the detailed measurements chart in the FAQ below on this page.

Please keep in mind that all body types are different and people with the same measurements can look drastically different in the same garment.

For any questions please contact me – I am glad to help you!

Blessings, Amma 💜

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