NEW! Bohemian Black Cardigan • Black Long Cotton Kimono Robe


Happy to bring to our collection new artefact - black boho cardigan. This bohemian mantel is fully made by loving hands and presented in 2 colours see links below, with hand stitch embroidery and fringes at the bottom.
It takes time and effort for local people to make this bohemian cotton cape, we support this tribes with working places.

This Bohemian hand stitched cardigan is presented in white colour

When you buy this garments keep in the mind that you supporting local tribes of Bali Island.

This Boho cape going perfect with almost all dresses from our collection. It is really must have in wardrobe of every boho queen.

The fabric we use to make this cardigan is the high quality raw cotton fabric. It is light and strong. Protecting body from the sun in hot summer days, and giving extra coziness in cold days.

My experience showed that customers keep coming back to my shop not only due to the exceptional design of the dresses but also due the fabric. The fabric of the dresses is so soft, comfy and breathable, they beg to be worn! Knowing the feeling of it on your skin might make it difficult to switch to something else!

My gowns are made in Indonesia through sustainable and ethical fair work production and business practices. The fabric is hand-made in Java by local women who are treated respectfully with fair wages. I aim to help and support the local communities and everyone who touches the dresses.

I love using organic cotton because of the twofold benefits of a reduced environmental impact and for my customers’ health and comfort.

This bohemian black cardigan is presented in 3 sizes: XS / S / M
Please see the detailed measurements chart in the FAQ below on this page.

Please keep in mind that all body types are different and people with the same measurements can look drastically different in the same garment.

If you like this dress and not found your size in list,
I can make it specially for you with your unique measurements.
The process will takes 2-3 days for making and sending.

For any questions please contact me – I am glad to help you!

Blessings, Amma 💜

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