OFF-white Boho Open Back Simple Wedding Dress with Hand Loomed Tassels


This Off- white bohemian dress made from organic hand-woven cotton. The color is natural off-white made from pure raw cotton truly goddess dress.
This white boho dress is very elegant and feminine. Our simple - modest wedding dress is good not only for special occasions like weddings but also for everyday wear, we call our masterpiece - fall maxi dress, which can be worn in any season of the year as well. This organic bridesmaid dress is fully made by hands in Bali Island. Truly pice of art!

We choose the most pleasant to the body, authentic, organic fabric for our products.
For this dress we use homespun thin cotton. The production of which is carried out manually with the help of special manual machines.
This fabric has a unique vibration that makes us closer to the vibrations of mother earth and gives a sense of unity with the whole universe.
This dress also has a carefully sewn lining of the finest soft cotton, which makes the dress not transparent and even more comfortable.

This dress is made entirely by hand with the gentle hands of local artisans of the Bali island who help me translate my vision into garments. I like to use fringe technology it is not only beautiful and stylish, it also carries a sacred meaning. The ancient Mayans used this technology in their outfits, because they believed that thanks to the fringe energy flows smoothly and smoothly. And also protects the owner of this dress.
Our assistants spend one working day to make one dress. This dress is unique and valuable. It is charged with love and care for our clients.
This dress is very feminine and comfortable. Thin braid straps make it easy to adapt the dress to your unique body.
This dress will emphasise and reveal your inner goddess, was a manifestation of grace and femininity.

The fabric for all our products is dyed by hand using certified organic dyes. That allows us not only to take care of the nature around but also makes our products absolutely safe and for our customers. We care about you and do our best.
For this model we use the thinnest homespun organic cotton used for this dress, it has a light double structure that makes organic cotton dress durable and not translucent.

We especially focus on fabrics that are handspun and handwoven, supporting ancient skills and traditional crafts.
We strive to go deeper to the source of all materials - from the seed planted to the human weaving it. Our vision is to be able to connect with each being involved in the making from the very source.
Being able to Source the most ethical, fair trade, Eco and conscious materials ~

Our items are handmade in small quantities of washed linen and cotton fabrics, specially woven for us by our local linen manufacturers. The procedure of making these items takes time and effort, cause the items are double washed once they are made. Only after such a process, we reach extra softness and natural wrinkles.

Please keep in mind that all body types are different and people with the same measurements can look drastically different in the same garment.
If you like this product and didn’t find your size in the list
I can make it specially for you with your unique measurements.

For any questions please contact me – I am glad to help you!

Blessings, Amma

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