Dusty Pink Organic Bohemian Maxi Bridesmaid Dress with Hand Loomed Threaded Back


Our new stylish raw cotton pink beige boho dress, stunning and unique maxi dress.
It was made by hand that can be seen in every detail which making this garment high fashion designer organic bohemian dress.

This dress is presented in other colours: Off-white, Black and Dusty Pink

It has hand-loomed decorated back, braids belt connected to the shoulder part with unique perfectly made pattern.
Special cut gives the back of this long dress coolness and airiness, so be most sure it gonna fit you like it was made specially for you. The lining made from same organic thin handwoven raw cotton, so it is not transparent at all.
Truly brilliant simple wedding dress in our all collections.

This product is presented in 3 sizes: XS / S / M

Be Lucky to have one before this limited edition will be sold out.

Please keep in mind that all body types are different and people with the same measurements can look drastically different in the same garment.

For any questions please contact me – I am glad to help you!

Blessings, Amma 💜

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